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Saturday, July 24, 2010

June 2010

Photos by Pat & Roxane.

Chris is visiting from Germany. She constructed this shirt from some of her Alaska t's that she collected when she lived here.
Here's a project Tina is working on.  Tom is to her right.
Tina's quilt for her son.

Nan brought some of the tops that the Nan's Group have been putting together. The quilts will go to non-profit groups.

That's Nelda to the right.

Jeanie enjoys a chuckle!

Another Nan's Group top.

And another.  I think this is the one I'm machine quilting.

This is the back of the quilt above.

Ruth created a design that she had printed on fabric for a whole-cloth quilt.  It is for her newly found stepson.

A close-up of her machine quilting.

Ruth knit this using narrow fabric strips.

Linda showed a recent drawing.

Jackie & the pals she sewed.

Betsy, Nancy & Andy.

Nancy has been taking painting lessons from Andy.

Here's the jacket that Nancy spun, wove & sewed.

Betsy has been knitting scarves with fun yarn.

Betsy with another of her scarves.  That's Nancy to the right.

Linda has been busy hand dying, discharging & stamping.

That's Polly.

George brought some more of his handwork.  That's Elaine to the left.

Here's a log cabin top I finished piecing this summer.  It was inspired by the following quilt I saw while visiting Bonnie in the Portland/Vancouver area.

Here's a recent block I made from scraps.