Wednesday at Pat's is a group of artistic folks who get together every

six weeks or so to share an evening of good conversation and food.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

August 2010

Here are some images from the latest get together -

Jeanie shows a quilt.

Jeanie with 3 of her assembliges.

One of Deb's earings

Eva's working on a scrap quilt

Judy's been busy knitting.

Applique by Veronica.

Fabric by Linda.

Nancy D's mom made this purse years ago - circa 1950-60's.

One of Nancy's new pieces.

The following 4 images (plus the one above) are silk shapes created by Nancy P.


Two more quilts by Elise inspired by Peruvian textiles.

Here's the shirt Suzanne created.

Tina shows one of her textiles.

Tina wear's one of Linda's dyed, stamped, discharged & over-dyed shirts.