Wednesday at Pat's is a group of artistic folks who get together every

six weeks or so to share an evening of good conversation and food.


Monday, January 14, 2013

January 9, 2013 

A lively crowd gathered to start the New Year!

Many delicious dishes were shared and extra thanks to those who took the time and care to make food in their own kitchen! 

Here's Tina starting off Show & Tell. She's planning on using the super-felted sweater for a pair of over mittens.

Tina, Elise, Linda, Mary, Louise & Polly.

Jennifer, Suzanne, Barbara, Julie, Tina & Louise.

Luz, Jeanie & Deanna.

Tom, Luz, Jeanie.      

                                  Veronica & Debbie.

Deanna, Ricky, Drew & George.

Tina shows 3 quilts she made for the ovarian cancer fundraiser this spring.

 Julie's wall hanging she made for the recent show at the 
     Homer Museum about time and season in Alaska.

A bag made from scraps by Jeanie.

Barbara used Jean Well's technique to record her recent trip to France.

Suzanne latest page for her book recording her first year post retirement.

                 Jennifer's wall hanging made from a friend's ties.

The 2 pictures above show projects George has been completing.
       George is happy with a leather skirt he will re-purpose 
                         for his bookbinding projects.
Drew models his jacket, his 1st sewing endeavor, that he adapted from a tailored-shirt pattern.  Quite the accomplishment!

Here's Ricky modeling Drew's second jacket using fabric purchased in Puerto Viallarto.

Deanna shares information about the upcoming Transformed Treasure event.

Jeanie recently bound these 3 quilts that were quilted by Elise for the Nan's Group project.

Luz has been busy painting.  She also showed the magnet she designed.  We all encouraged everyone to follow their muse!!!

Veronica made this intricate beaded bracelet and has plans to do more. 

Debbie shows her 2nd quilt -  this one is for her son.  She thanked Tina for her mentoring.  Good going Debbie!

Louise & Polly

Mary and 2 of her creations.

Linda has been making birds inspired by the "Artful Bird" book. 

Stacked up coats.

Linda says "Goodnight".