Wednesday at Pat's is a group of artistic folks who get together every

six weeks or so to share an evening of good conversation and food.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

April 9, 2014
We began the evening by painting graffiti panels for 
the upcoming Alaska Fiber Festival.  Thanks again
to all that pitched in!  They are fun!
Gail & Janie
Gail & Janie
 Tamara, Tracy Anna, & Janie
 Elise & Tracy Anna

 One of George's new wall hangings.
More of George's wall hangings.
And more.
 George has been experiencing with Amish patterns.
 Here's a variation of the above traditional pattern.  
George says there are more coming.
Ruth's quilting friends' portraits.
Ruth is passing this project on to a friend.
Ruth, Linda & Tamara.  Linda has been 
re-purposing items into fashion.
Jeanie, Ruth & Linda.  Ruth modeled 
  Linda's re-purposed spectacle hat.
A close-up of another of Linda's hats.
 Linda's spectacle chapeau.
Nelda & Kate. Nelda as model.
Tamara brought some of her fused-glass work.  She was recently an 
artist-in-resident at an elementary school 
where she & the kids worked on glass projects.
Here's a picture of one of Nelda's recent pieces.
Nelda, Kay & Jennifer.  Kay showed her mosaic fish 
created with re-purposed tile.

Nelda & Kay.  Another of Kay's tile pieces.
 Kay, Andrea & . Andrea showed 2 Sashiko pieces she recently made

Here's Louise modeling 2 of her aprons

Louise also showed a quilt she made featuring 
hand-embroidered Alaska animals.
 Jack designed these information 
panels for the Copper River area.

 Avenue read us one of her poems.

 Veronica, George, Tom, Jeanie, Ruth & Linda.
Tamara, Nelda, Kay, Jennifer, Andrea & 
Andrea, , Jack, Janie, Avenue, Suzanne & Linda W.
Barb, Veronica & George.
Tom, Jeanie & Ruth
Barbara showed work inspired by her recent class with Jean Wells.
Another of Barb's pieces.