Wednesday at Pat's is a group of artistic folks who get together every

six weeks or so to share an evening of good conversation and food.


Monday, June 9, 2014

May 21, 2014

A beautiful and warm evening.  Some of us sat out on the deck before our wonderful meal.  Many thanks to those who bring such delicious food!

Elise brought her most recent Peruvian Nasca-weaving 
inspired quilt top - the Bean Quilt - see below.

Barb brought one of her wall hangings

Mary read some of her lovely poetry.
That's Suzanne & George, left & right.

Jeannie, Linda, Suzanne & Mary

Dorothy showed a recent piece.  That's Ruth to the left.

A table runner, part of the Spring Trellis series that Nan's group has been making.  This one was created by Barb from pieced fabric the group sewed.

Ruth showed a pillow re-purposed from a shirt.  
That's George and Dorothy left & right.

Another Ruth pillow.

Ruth's maze quilt top.

A Square-in-a Square quilt by Ruth.

And her star quilt.

Ruth is working on this piece.

Linda brought some pieces she has been dying 
and stamping; also see the next 3 photos.

Doug recently received a Quilt of Valor for his Vietnam service.

              The above quilt and the following 3 are part of the 
                  Spring Trellis series created by Nan's Group.

Here's a Nan's Group Fall Trellis quilt.

Ellen's quilt by Nan's Group

The back of Ellen's Quilt.